Settling claims.

Road traffic is governed by a large number of legal regulations. They relate to individuals as well as to companies, which have to comply with special requirements for transport businesses for instance. Even conscientious drivers can sometimes find themselves in a situation liable to result in a fine or even a criminal conviction. The penalties can include fines, endorsements on the driving licence or disqualification. For the self-employed or for professional drivers, disqualification for even a short period can mean the end of a career.

Verhoefen, Störkmann, Anwälte. provides advice and assistance to everyone involved in road traffic, which of course includes pursuing claims resulting from traffic accidents. We seek redress for special damages and for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity from those directly involved in the accident and from insurance companies. We attach great importance to clarifying potential entitlements in good time, such as the right to an expert witness for example, and to verifying that the ensuing costs will be paid by legal insurance.

  • Driving licence: disqualification and renewal
  • Dangerous interference with road traffic
  • Medical-psychological examinations
  • Coercion
  • Problems with licence points
  • Hit-and-run offences
  • Drink or drugs offences
  • Minor road traffic offences