Protecting creativity.

Creativity is an engine of growth. It must be fostered, protected and contractually assured in order for the originators to make full use of it. As advisers and partners to the creative industries we ensure that the creative value chain is assured by means of an accomplished system of contracts and rules covering all involved. This is uppermost in our minds when we advise creative agencies, producers, publishers, music labels, actors, performing artists, institutions and companies on their diverse copyright and trademark matters.

Verhoefen, Störkmann, Anwälte. advises on the execution and realisation of licensing transactions and distribution deals. In the fields of film, music and multimedia we provide production and licensing agreements as a basis for developing and distributing media products. We manage registration procedures for trademarks, design rights or utility models and enforce intellectual property rights against competitors.

  • Copyright/Licensing law
  • Trademark law
  • Industrial property rights
  • Competition law
  • Contract law